German Pinscher (GP)is not only a nice buddy, but a dog to show and use. And its origin as a guard-dog ( it was used to keep horsethieves away from stables in Germany at the 19th century) is a good ground for many activities.


Itís easy to show a GP. You donít have to use many hours to take care of the hair of your dog. Itís easy with short hair. And a GP has that kind of temperament that he shows himself proudly.


Unfortunately there are not so many GPs training in use. But a GP has capacity to use : there are many menthally tested GPs and the results show a firm and unafraid temperament. Seek, track and other sports in use are fine activities for a GP.


As a "one manís dog" a GP is good at obedience too, and itís easy to learn. Sometimes are GPs so stubborn that one may think to give up, but donít do it. There are already some GPs competing, you and your dog may be the next ones.


A GP is quick and enthusiastic too. Just try to hold on yourself ! This is an activity for a GP who loves agility at a great speed. And a GP is also a quick learner.