Czech ch Bäretriewer's Merry Christmas at the age of 2 years

Breeder : Cornelia Rassler, Germany

Owner Kennel Rattenjäger


Eyes checked latest 09.08.2021

28.04.2018 Letohallen BOB Baby with HP from Jose Homem de Mello

29.04.2018 Letohallen BOB Baby with HP from Børge Espeland

02.06.2018 Sandefjord BOB Baby with HP from Ville Meronen

28.07.2018 Moss BOB Puppy with HP from Aud Fossum

11.08.2018 Letohallen BOB with HP from Antoaneta Penkova

16.02.2019 NKK Bø i Telemark BOB, Nordic and Norwegian cert from Benny Blidh von Schedvin

02.03.2019 Letohallen BOB and cert from Ana Beatriz Knoll

17.08.2019 NKK Lillehammer res.cacib from Juan Naveda Carrero

30.11.2019 Praha CAC from Tibor Havelka

01.12.2019 Praha CAC, CACIB, BOB from Dragan Babic

01.02.2020 Brno CAC, CACIB from Fabrizio La Rocca

02.02.2020 Brno CAC, res.cacib from Boguslaw Chmiel